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Energy Body Dynamics
October 2018

Life possesses a subtle spiritual dimension that we can access when meditating. Learn how to gather & replenish your energy by exploring how to heal, strengthen & protect your chakras & aura. Gently stimulate your clairvoyant abilities, using this intuitive skill to observe what occurs in your energy body & how it can grow.

women's energy healing
October 2018

How do we connect with our female essence & what can we do to release the forces that impact it? Bring your female energy into graceful balance with your body & life- explore the features that are unique to a woman’s energy body, as you learn how to offer yourself & other women healing energy.

animal telepathy
October 2018

Animals’ eyes express their deep emotions & thoughtful natures. Animals also use movement to show us what they need. Yet their spirits speak as well, inviting us to connect on a deeper level. Learn how to send & receive telepathic messages, as you establish a grounded, energetically protected field from which to connect.

animal Energy Healing
October 2018

Sensitive animals can benefit from the gentle release that energy healings provide. Significant transitions & the events of daily life affect animals, influencing their emotions, thoughts, health & behavior. Discover the unique vitality & inner balance your animal companion can manifest, as you learn how to share healing energy.


                Integrating the mind, body

                & emotions

                starts with recognizing

                the presence of the spirit.


We are more than physical, thinking beings. We feel deeply, within.

                               We also possess spirits that manifest "subtle energy bodies" to connect in with our physical forms.

We can work with this subtle energy to replenish ourselves & heal the mind, body & emotions.

                                                         See how your life changes when the wisdom, strength & mystery of your spirit are factored in.



Communicate with Your Animal Companions

Learn how to communicate confidently in a playful, spiritually focused atmosphere. Tap into the awareness that you've always had- you may just need to take time to open to it again.

Discover how to enter a quiet, still space within, reach out to communicate, then honor what you've learned.



Workshops at Ancient Suns can focus on a variety of subjects.

Weekend seminars cover topics such as healing grief at the loss of an animal,  communicating with nature spirits,

the energetics of financial abundance, journeying with animal spirit guides & clearing the energy of old relationships.


Visions & Journeys

Clairvoyant readings open a window onto a deeper world.

Whether you explore another time in a past life reading or consider the symbols & colors held in your aura, clairvoyant readings help us understand the forces that are active in our lives. They carry information about how we can transform- the simple act of reading begins that process. 

Come encounter a potent vision of your life- play with the colors, archetypes & stories that you find. 



Contact Ancient Suns intuitive arts academy to register for a class, ask a question or request a reading, healing or communication session.