A place to transform, create & explore


At Ancient Suns Intuitive Arts Academy, energy is recognized as a pivotal force in our lives. Students learn meditative techniques to access their subtle energy & develop their intuitive awareness.

As they explore the nature of the energetic world, students can learn how to perform healings on themselves & others, connect on a deeper level with animals & the natural world, & use their clairvoyant insights to transform. 

In a grounded, welcoming environment with clear, focused classes, students can explore their potential to go within & renew themselves. They can come into a more foundational sense of relationship with the Earth. From this anchored point, they feel prepared to explore a unique range of spiritual abilities.

Beginning & advanced classes teach meditation, energy healing, clairvoyance & animal telepathy.

Workshops feature topics such as healing grief at the loss of an animal, the energetics of abundance & connecting with nature spirits.

Staff & students offer private sessions focused on energy healing, clairvoyant reading & animal telepathy.

Classes are held online & in Asheville, NC.




Integrating the mind,

body & emotions

starts with recognizing

the presence of

the spirit