Theresa Flemming

Theresa Flemming has worked as a professional clairvoyant, animal communicator & energy healer since 2008, after completing intensive training in clairvoyance & energy healing in Chicago, IL. This training focused strongly on the establishment of stable, dynamic energy boundaries & the ethics needed to conduct intuitive work. 

After focusing for several years on coursework related to astral body healing & the female energy body, Theresa began training more intensively in energy healing for animals. Having experienced conscious telepathic communication with animals since her teens, she enjoys sharing healings & communications with them. 

Theresa's shamanic studies have left her committed to introducing a deep focus on nature spirituality to her classes. Her training in Taoism & her work as an herbalist lead her to address the relationship between physical vitality & energetic balance. Working as a literature professor & the director of a college writing center have also taught her the importance of creating clear, focused classes for students. Theresa continues to pursue advanced training in energy healing, qi gong, telepathy & clairvoyance.  


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