What Is Animal Telepathy?

We have 5 physical senses that help us register what occurs in the physical world. However, we also have a subtle energy body that possesses its own sensory array. When animals communicate with us telepathically, we pick up on their communications using this energetic sensory array.

Different chakras pick up on different kinds of communications- the 2nd chakra might pick up on a feeling while the 6th chakra in the forehead might receive a message in the form of an image. We can clairaudiently hear animals' words, clairvoyantly perceive pictures that they send, or empathically feel the emotions & physical sensations that they share. Some people even receive scent & taste impressions from animals. Other times, a deep intuitive knowing can relay an animal’s ideas & emotions. Some animals even speak through dreams.

They do so to discuss challenges that have cropped up within the home or stable. Yet they also reach out to share their emotions, spiritual perceptions & friendship. As we engage with them telepathically, we develop a stronger sense of them & the dynamics in our homes, while our understanding of the natural world deepens.



Session Structure 

3-Part Communication Session

In a 3-part communication session, animals are given enough time & private space to communicate deeply. They feel welcomed to open up- we can communicate on a more spiritual & emotional level. We can also develop a grounded plan for any changes that you want to occur.



Communicating long-distance, I engage with your animal telepathically after reviewing the information you submit.

At this time, I ask if your animal wishes to communicate about anything specific. We then discuss any questions that you want to ask, & I relay any thoughts or feelings that you wish to share. While animals may want to focus on a certain topic, we also address your concerns & ideas.

If you have requested an energy healing session as well, I perform an energy healing at this time, after a telepathic communication.



In person, over the phone, on Skype or by email, I share information from your animal’s communication with you. This entails describing any pictures, words, feelings & physical sensations that were transmitted. If your animal received an energy healing, I also share what I observed during the healing session.

At this time, you can share any other questions or ideas that you would like your animal to hear. We can discuss your response to what your animal says & consider compromises that you or your animal propose for any problems. You can also provide clarification regarding anything your animal has shared. Animals tend to chime in during these sessions, providing further insight.

We can also discuss any flower essences, gemstones, etc. that you might wish to use on yourself or your animal.



After receiving feedback from you, I engage with your animal in a final conversation.

I help your animal understand how you responded to her or his communication, & I let your animal know what you have agreed to do to help resolve any issues. At this time, we can clarify any further concerns about health, your shared living space & your animal’s relationship to other family members.

If your animal received an energy healing, I can also check in at this time to see how her or his system is coming into balance and, if necessary, provide a quick energetic balancing.

Optional Follow-Up Work


Our animals sometimes want us to focus on self-healing or on making a needed transition in our own lives. In fact, they sometimes assert that their health, emotional balance or behavior have been impacted by a guardian's inner state. Frequently, issues that an animal faces are triggered by emotions that people carry in regarding work, relationships, finances or health. Animals do not have much protection from the stresses that can fill the atmosphere of a shared living space.

If you would like to engage in any personal healing work to help bring balance to yourself & your household, clairvoyant readings and energy healings are offered. Techniques for establishing healthy energetic boundaries can be shared, with a focus on meditation, flower essences and gemstone therapy.


An energy clearing for the home, stable or stall can also be arranged if we find that your animal's living space carries imbalanced or stagnant energies. A house or stable clearing can help restore balance to an animal's home- this way, the animal can focus more on its own growth, as it engages more fully with you.



Requesting a Session

To begin setting up a communication or healing session, please submit a "Session Request Form" as well as an "Animal Introduction Form." Links to both forms are provided below.

After submitting these forms, please email a photograph of your animal as well to: Instructions for submitting photographs are provided below.



Please fill out a "Session Request Form" to schedule your appointment, provide your contact information & sign a consent to treatment.


To provide information regarding why you are requesting a communication or healing session, click on the link to the "Animal Information Forms" below.

Please fill out the "Animal Introduction" to provide information about your animal's history, age & species. On this form, you can also share any questions that you have for your animal as well as any ideas or feelings that you wish to share.

If you would like to submit a topic-specific form as well, for behavior, performance, a healing or an animal's transition, please choose the applicable form.


While a photo of your animal is not necessary to connect & communicate, it is useful. Seeing your animal's eyes helps a communicator to understand her or him on a deeper level. Being able to visualize your animal also helps a session to feel more grounded. The ability to picture the animal enhances one's ability to transmit healing energy to specific areas of an animal's body or to focus in on one animal in a multi-animal household.

• Photos should be close-up enough to show the animal's eyes. A full-body photo would be a great addition.
• If you would like a communication or healing session for multiple animals, please send an individual photo for each animal.
• If emailing a digital photo, please title it with your name & the animal's. For example: Kara Lucas- Fliffy.jpeg
• Please send photos of your animal at least 72 hours before your appointment time to:
• If you mail a physical photograph, it can be returned if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope.    



What We Can Speak Of


Consider any questions that you may have as well as any feelings that you wish to share. This helps you to present a focused set of questions & ideas. Contemplating what you would like to discuss also prepares you to engage with your animal at this level.

• "How can I help make your life better?"
• "Would you like to share any thoughts about your life?" 
• "What games do you like to play the most?"
• "Is there a job you'd like to have in the house, or do you already have a job you'd like to share?"
• "Would you welcome a new animal in our home?"

• "How does your body feel?"
• "Do you feel confused by anything that happens in our home?"
• "What foods do you prefer?"
• "Do you understand that there can be consequences if a certain behavior doesn’t change?"
• "Would you like to share your purpose in life?"


Common TOPICS:

• "I'd like to tell you about an upcoming trip or move."

• "Let's communicate about my new relationship. What do you think of her or him?"

• "Let's get ready for a trip to the vet!" 

• "I'm concerned about how tired you are. Can you let me know if it is time for you to move on? I want you to be comfortable."



Session Preparation

Guardian Preparation

Prior to your session, please try to spend 15 minutes sitting in quiet meditation or engaging in a relaxing activity. This helps you enter into a mindful state so that you can receive the communication in a graceful, focused way. If you don’t have time for this, that is understandable, & it will not negatively affect the success of our communication. 

It is best if you are at home or in a quiet space while participating in your part of the session. Your animal does not need to be with you during this part, though it is pleasant if she or he can be. Often, animals connect in telepathically while we speak about what they shared earlier. For this reason, it's nice if they can be with you.

Animal Preparation

If your companion animal is scheduled to receive a long-distance communication or healing, please try to ensure that she or he is in a quiet space with low levels of stimulation, during the time set aside for this exchange. An animal will still receive the healing energy or communication if running around, eating or otherwise engaged, but it is good to approach this time in a grounded manner & to have the animal's full focus.  Shifts can occur in the physical body as foreign energy is removed, so it is best if your animal is not at a dog park or climbing a tree, for instance.

Animals sometimes rest throughout a session, come sit by you, or leave the room when they have had enough. Their responses run the gamut, yet the communication will continue, as we are connecting on an energetic level.

Communicator Preparation

For half an hour before any kind of psychic work or energy healing, I engage in a specific kind of meditation that allows me to clean out & refresh my own energy field. This way, I am able to be more present with your animal & to clearly perceive her or him. At this time, I also set up my energy body for a session, meaning that I establish healthy energetic boundaries between my auric field & anyone else’s. With defined fields, we will not exchange unwanted energies as we communicate. This way, we can each enjoy our own private space while connecting profoundly.

How Do Sessions Begin?

After establishing a grounded, energetically secure space for healing & communication, I say hello to your animal & ask if she or he would like to speak. Asking permission is key. We then engage in a respectful, contemplative communication session. I set the tone for reflection, healing & creativity, as well as for playfulness & amusement. Your animal’s emotional depth is honored & her or his insights are welcomed. Your animal always has the final say on what we speak of & what kinds of energy work she or he receives.