Refreshing the Body & Spirit

Depending on what an animal experiences, its subtle body may begin to hold energies that impact it emotionally or physically. Old emotional patterns & the memories of injuries or illnesses can be stored in the body. Yet even if an animal has not faced trauma or health challenges, it is still exposed to the wash of emotions, thoughts & energy that pass through our homes & stables. 

In an energy healing, we help to clear away stagnant or imbalanced energy that may be impacting an animal. Doing so, we refresh the animal's connection to its body & spirit. 

Tension, illness & behavior issues can clear, as healing energy moves where it is needed. As we establish a more natural flow of energy through an animal’s body & field, animals can center their attention on growing & enjoying life. Their spirits can emerge, playful & wise. Their behavior can calm, & they can focus more on their bond with you & with themselves.

Receiving an Energy Healing

The follow healings can be performed in person or long-distance. The healing energy travels to the animal regardless of distance, guided by the healer's intent. (If curious about this, exploring quantum physics concepts like the principle of non-locality & the law of entanglement can help us to better understand this phenomenon.)  

If your companion animal is scheduled to receive a healing, please do your best to ensure that the animal is in a quiet space with low levels of stimulation during the time set aside for the healing. An animal will still receive the healing energy if it is running around, eating or otherwise engaged, but it is good to approach this time in a grounded manner.  Shifts can occur in the physical body as foreign energy is removed, so it is best if the animal is not at a dog park, for instance.


Animal Aura & Chakra Healing

60 MINUTES $60

As animals move through different terrains & interact with people or other animals, their auras can take on the energy around them. They can also store trauma & old emotional patterns in their bodies. In this healing, cleansing energy washes through the aura, while the energy body’s connection to the earth is strengthened. This helps to clear foreign energy & gives it a place to be released. The chakras are flushed out & reset with healing energy, as are the major energy meridians that run through the body.

Attention is paid to the subtle body unique to animals of this species- energy centers & meridians that are particular to this species receive healing energy & a gentle grounding.


Animal Body-Level Healing

60 MINUTES $60

This healing focuses on releasing toxins, illness patterns & the memory of old injuries from the physical body. The organs, glandular system, blood, etc. receive assistance clearing imbalanced energy. They then get reset at a higher level of health & comfort.

This kind of healing is particularly helpful for animals who will be having surgery or otherwise be receiving medical care- a body-level healing prepares them to recover more quickly & manifest greater strength & calm. Yet it also helps animals recovering from an illness, those who need a fresh start & senior animals.

A special focus is placed on the kind of body that is unique to this species- physical features particular to this species receive healing energy & a gentle grounding.


Female or Male Energy Healing for an Animal

60 MINUTES $70

Following a balancing of the chakras, meridians & aura, the female or male energy centers & meridians are scanned for imbalances. After assessing how the physical body is connecting in with its subtle energetic form, the healer helps energy to begin moving harmoniously between the female or male energy centers & the chakras, aura & physical body. This balancing work closes with a healing of the female or male aura, the energy field generated by the female or male subtle body.


Dawn- Birth & Gestation

60 MINUTES $80

A healing that focuses on an animal's experience of birth & gestation. Clearing energy that it was exposed to in the womb or egg, this healing helps your animal companion to reclaim & experience the personal essence that it came in with at the time of conception.

Some animals experience traumatic births in environments that are not stable or supportive. For this reason, this healing can potentially be transformative, as it helps animals release trauma they may have been carrying for years. Other animals benefit from accessing the blueprint they created for their lives, prior to conception- if they have experienced challenges, this healing can help them to renew their connection to their inner self.

These healings are species-specific- they look at how an individual member of its respective species gestates, with attention paid to the time span of gestation & the manner of birth.



Prior to a healing, the healer will establish a protected, clear space with well-defined energetic boundaries- this way, the animal, guardian & healer do not take on each other's energies or emotions while relating energetically. 

Additional Services:

Flower essence, essential oil & gemstone healing are available during a session for an added charge.


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