Animal Information Forms

Please fill out & submit the Animal Introduction Form below.

If you would like to submit a topic-specific form as well, for behavior, performance, a healing or an animal's transition, please choose an additional form below.

For multi-animal sessions, please submit an Animal Introduction Form for each animal.


Animal Introduction Form

To submit questions for your animal, state any concerns & provide general information regarding your animal's history, age & species, please fill out  this form.


Healing SEssion Form

For those who wish to request an energy healing, please fill out this form to describe any physical or emotional challenges your animal is experiencing.


Behavior Form

To discuss behavioral challenges & the shifts you hope to create with your animal.


Performance Form

To provide information about an animal who is facing a challenge with training or competition.


Transition ForM

To discuss what you would like to share with an animal who is transitioning or has passed over.