Animal Information Forms

Prior to a communication session, please fill out & submit the “Animal Introduction Form” below. This form helps to give structure to a communication session. In this form, you can pose any questions that you would like to ask your animal. You can also write any thoughts or feelings that you wish to share.

If you’d like to submit a topic-specific form as well, for behavior, performance, health & healing, or an animal's transition, please choose an additional form below. While it’s not necessary to have prior information about issues that an animal is facing, some guardians prefer to provide information about such challenges. So please fill out any additional form to the extent that you wish.

Please note that, due to the sensitive nature of an animal’s transition, guardians are only asked to submit “Session Request” & “Transition” forms. If it feels difficult to fill out forms at this time, simply email to request a transition-focused session.


Animal Introduction Form

Please fill out this form to submit questions for your animal, state any concerns & provide general information regarding your animal's history, age & species.

For multi-animal sessions, please submit an “Animal Introduction Form” with separate photos for each animal.


Health & Healing SEssion Form

Prior to a communication session about a health concern, please use this form to describe any physical or emotional challenges that your animal is experiencing. Health information can be particularly helpful if your animal will also be receiving an energy healing.


Behavior Form

To discuss behavioral challenges & the shifts that you hope to create with your animal.


Performance Form

To provide information about an animal who is facing a challenge with training or competition.


Transition ForM

To discuss what you would like to share with an animal who is transitioning or has passed over, or to receive a personal session focused on your own emotions about an animal’s transition.