Animal Introduction Form

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Please also submit a photo of your animal by email to:

Ideally, the photo should show your animal's eyes, somewhat close-up. If you would like to send a photo of a full-body shot as well, it can be helpful to be able to picture the animal’s full body.


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Please provide a brief description of your animal's appearance, i.e., "long-haired grey cat with blue eyes." You can add your animal's breed, if known, such as "caramel-colored Lhasa Apso with brown eyes."
Where did you get your animal? (A breeder, shelter, private home, the street, etc.) If you have any concerns that your animal deals with stress from that time, you can share them here.
Are there any challenges that you would like assistance with, regarding health, emotions, behavior or performance, for instance? You can also describe the quality of the relationship that you have with your animal, in terms of what you enjoy & what you hope to achieve.
Please list up to 5 questions that you'd like to ask your animal. For example, "Is there anything you would like to have in our home?" or "Is there a food you prefer?"
Please share any ideas or feelings that you'd like your animal to know. For example: "I love you & hope you are happy." "I respect you & hope we can learn how to communicate better." "You look strong & beautiful when you jump."