Animal Telepathy

Theory & Practice

While many people experience a subtle sense of knowing when they are with their animal companions, it can be hard to put into words what we experience when connecting with them. This intuitive connection is typically called animal telepathy, animal communication or interspecies communication. It can take many forms & be considered from a variety of perspectives, from the scientific to the spiritual.



Kinds of Animal telepathy

We have 5 physical senses that help us register what occurs in the physical world, yet we also have a subtle energy body that possesses its own sensory array. When animals communicate with us telepathically, we pick up on their communications using this energetic sensory array. Different chakras pick up on different kinds of communications- the 2nd chakra might pick up on a feeling, while the 6th chakra in the forehead might receive a message in the form of an image.

We can clairaudiently hear animals' words, clairvoyantly perceive pictures that they send, or empathically feel the emotions & physical sensations that they share. Some people even receive scent & taste impressions from animals. Other times, a deep intuitive knowing can relay an animal’s ideas & emotions. Some animals even speak through dreams.

They do so to discuss challenges that have cropped up within the home or stable. Yet they also reach out to share their emotions, their spiritual perceptions &, most importantly, their friendship. As we engage with them, communicating back, we develop a stronger understanding of the natural world & the dynamics within our homes.

How does Telepathic communication differ from a psychic reading?

Psychic readings are profound & useful- receiving information intuitively, through a clairvoyantly received image, for instance, can tell us about an animal's physical, spiritual, mental & emotional state.

Telepathic communication takes this one step further, as animals get to share their ideas & beliefs as well as their concerns & questions. We send words, pictures & feelings back & forth, learning what the animal needs & hopes to experience.

The animals welcome the chance to enter into what many see as a community. Their sense of wonder, gratitude & excitement grows, as they speak with people intent on validating their worth, unique natures & wisdom.


Quantum physics & Telepathy

Information coming soon.


stages of a communication


Entering a still, quiet space within, using meditation & breathwork. Establishing a stable, well-defined energy field that allows us to connect from a centered state of awareness.

A Telepathic Encounter

An exchange of telepathic messages &, possibly, healing energy.

lntegration & Release

Considering & honoring what you have learned, you can also use energetic techniques to release emotions, thoughts or energy that you took on from one another.