Behavior Session


Please fill out & submit this form to share any information that you feel is important, prior to a communication or healing session regarding a behavior concern.

A behavior challenge can result from many different things, such as a physical, emotional or environmental issue. Please feel free to share any ideas that you have regarding what might be triggering a behavior issue, even if your ideas may be unconventional.

Please complete the form below

Please briefly describe the behavior that has prompted you to seek assistance.
Please state when you first noticed this behavior and how long it has been going on.
Please describe anything that has changed in your home or in the animal’s daily life, before or since the behavior issue became evident. (For instance, you may want to consider any changes in food, physical health, or training, as well as a move, the arrival or departure of another animal or person, or any major life changes of your own.)
What efforts have you made to shift your animal’s behavior? (Consulting with a behaviorist, trainer or doctor, dietary changes, flower essences, energy work or massage.)
If you wish to describe how this behavior affects you, in terms of its emotional, physical or financial impact, please do so here.
Please describe the kind of behavior that you wish for & how you hope your animal will relate. Be sure to consider what it is realistic to work for, based on your animal’s living situation, age, species & breed.
Is there anything you wish to share with your animal regarding her or his behavior & how you feel about it?
Are there any questions that you would like to ask your animal about this behavior? To get greater insight into the situation, you can ask how your animal perceives the home or stable. You can also ask about your animal's emotions, opinions, physical health & comfort level.