In a clairvoyant reading, a reader works through the sixth chakra, the energy center in the forehead that is also called the third eye. Within the sixth chakra, we can access our inner vision, which allows us to see the subtle energy field, past lives & other energetic phenomena. 

The reader typically keeps her or his eyes closed, in order to focus on the images & colors moving through the sixth chakra. Sitting in front of the client, a reader will share what she or he sees without interpreting it, as it is important that a client receive clairvoyant information in a pure form, without anyone's preconceptions about what it may mean. 

Each reading allots time for a client's questions, which can focus on what the reader saw or address anything else that the client would like to receive clairvoyant information about.


Clairvoyant information can come in the form of colors, scenes or a single image. As energy is seen, it comes into movement, so if a client has been blocked, say, in the heart chakra, & a ball of tangled energy is observed there, that energy will be set in movement simply by having been observed. The client may then begin to access a deeper level of feeling in the heart.

Beyond this, a clairvoyant reader can intentionally clear & transform the energy that is observed during a reading, if a client wishes. This can help to bring healing & greater balance to our emotions, minds, physical bodies & energy fields. It allows a more refreshing, vibrant set of energies to begin flowing through the client's field. Readers speak of the positive shifts that they see taking place in a client’s field, to share what the client's spirit has chosen to open to.


Aura Reading

60 MINUTES $60

Each layer of the aura holds symbols, colors & pictures- they relate to the trait that each layer's corresponding chakra helps you to develop. For instance, a symbol seen at the 3rd layer relates to how you are using your power & directing your will, while a color in the 4th layer may speak of how you love. 

This reading looks at each layer of your aura to see what colors, symbols & scenes are present. By considering them, we can begin to understand the forces that are active in our lives. They carry information about how we can transform- the simple act of reading begins that process. Come encounter a potent vision of your life- play with the colors, archetypes & stories that you find. 


Past Life Reading

60 MINUTES $60

In this reading, we clairvoyantly explore 3 past lives, seeing who you have been & how you lived. Often, we find keys to present-time behaviors & emotional patterns in events that we experienced in another lifetime. We sometimes discover that physical challenges from this life have their roots in a distant past. Asking how our current lives may still be affected by these former incarnations, we reclaim what we learned from those lifetimes & clear karma. Exploring other times & lands helps us to understand our spirits on a deeper level, & we may find that we relate to ourselves in new ways.


Women's Reading

60 MINUTES $75

This reading explores how you move through life & express yourself as a woman. It looks at the pictures that you carry around the concept of being female, helping you shift from a focus on surviving, for instance, to one of creating sanctuary. From that space of sanctuary, you are more able to move out with strength into the world. Recognizing the connection that women have to the divine feminine, this reading also asks whether this connection has become blocked. Clearing foreign energy that has impacted your female core, it helps you open to the mysteries of your energy & body.


Astral Reading

60 MINUTES $75

This reading considers your experience of the astral planes. It explores where you go when journeying at night & asks what you encounter there. Clearing energy that might impact your ability to move fluidly & creatively while dreaming, this reading gives you insight into your dream life while refreshing & strengthening your astral body.


Abundance Reading

60 Minutes $75

This clairvoyant reading assesses the vitality & structure of your financial space. It looks at the energy that you carry around the concept of money, helping you to move from a survival focus to one of creativity & satisfaction. Looking at the different factors that might be affecting your ability to succeed, this reading clears imbalanced energy out of your financial space to reset it at the tone of abundance. 


Love Healing & Reading

90 MINUTES $90 

Sometimes, we carry charged energy that affects our ability to feel or have love, to experience desire, or to receive & share tenderness. Allow yourself to refresh the energy of love that you carry- bring a new presence to your experience of desire & fulfillment.

This healing includes a mini-reading focused on the energy of love that you have been running in your life & body. It looks closely at the relationship between the 2nd chakra (sexuality & emotions) & the 4th chakra (love), harmonizing their action with the rest of your energetic system.


In-Person or Long-Distance?

Clairvoyant readings can be performed in person or long-distance. For those meeting long-distance, Skype or Facetime allow for a full experience, while speaking over the phone is also an option.

Alternately, if a client is not able to be present for a reading, the information that was perceived can be sent as a transcript.

Energetic Preparation

Prior to a reading, a reader will establish a protected, clear space with well-defined energetic boundaries- this way, the client & reader do not take on each other's energies or emotions while relating energetically. 

Clients do not need to prepare in any way for readings, though taking 15 minutes before a session to sit quietly in meditation can allow for a deeper reception of the information that is shared.


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