A Sacred Connection

Learning how to communicate telepathically is a profound experience because it involves communicating at the soul level. This can be quite moving, yet it can also prove intimidating, especially in a society that denies that such abilities exist. The classroom space is therefore set at a playful, gentle & deeply affirmative tone, so students feel comfortable & supported developing their gifts.

Rather than a weekend workshop, this course is staged over several weeks. This allows ideas & techniques to integrate in a stable way, as students develop their skills & confidence in a carefully paced program. Having made telepathy a regular weekly focus, students also find that they know how to continue with their telepathic development after the class ends.


Class Topics & Activities:

• The nature & uses of telepathy
• Specific ways information can be sent & received
• Breathing & meditation exercises to center your awareness
• Exercises to send & receive messages
• Quantum physics & telepathy
• Identifying your personal communication style & experimenting with others
• Performing a body scan to sense imbalances in an animal's body & energy field
• A guided journey to begin working with an animal spirit guide

What are the benefits of telepathy?

Telepathically, we can:

• Get animals’ feedback on their food, homes & physical health.
• Discuss behavior challenges & negotiate solutions.
• Understand how our animal companions view our relationships.
• Give animals information about an upcoming event or transition.
• Enhance training methods with sensitive communication.
• Help animals share their emotions, hopes & concerns
• Help new animals integrate in with our original animal companions.
• Send loving, reassuring energy to animals while we are away.
• Develop a deeper sense of our animal companions' spiritual natures.

Class Components

• 12 hours of live in-person classes in which we learn communication techniques as well as how to set up a protected energy field. 

• Guided Meditations- Downloadable MP3 recordings of each meditation or communication activity

• Handouts- Downloadable reviews of specific communication or meditative techniques with images of the energy body

• Suggestions for setting up a home practice schedule


Payment & Registration Information

A $200 exchange is requested for 6-week classes. 

Sliding scale rates are possible, if a student or client has a strong commitment to studying animal telepathy yet cannot afford the entire amount of a class's tuition.

To inquire about a class or payments or to register, please click on the "Inquire" button below.

Class Schedule & Dates

Class takes place in a beautiful space in Athens' downtown Cobbham neighborhood. Address will be given upon registration.

$200- 6 week course

Saturdays, 3-5 p.m. from Oct 20-Dec 1, 2018 or

Thursdays, Oct 25-Dec 6, 6-8 pm


What is Animal Telepathy?

To read more about the nature of animal telepathy, please use the link below.


special Focus:

• How to establish a grounded, protected space to connect in

• The ethics of connecting telepathically

• Communicating in-person or long-distance via a photo

• Releasing energy & emotions picked up while communicating



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