Introductory Clairvoyance

Renew your energy throughout the day-

Learn an active style of meditation

that stimulates & refines your intuitive abilities.


Learn how to attune to your spiritual essence by working with your subtle energy. In this class, we discuss the structure of the energy body- the chakras, aura & meridians- and how working with them can transform our lives.

We practice meditative techniques to release charged or stagnant energy from our fields. After releasing imbalanced energy, we learn how to protect the subtle body & establish stable, active boundaries around ourselves. We also replenish within, connecting with the forces in the Earth & cosmos while calling back our own spiritual essence. In this way, we find our ground & center.

By gently activating our clairvoyance to do this, we anchor ourselves within. Waking the sixth chakra, we open to our inner vision & all that it can show us. As we work from this space, we can mindfully discover what our hearts, spirits & bodies seek to explore. 



Learn Meditative Techniques To:

• Refresh & heal the chakras
• Establish an aura with vibrant, defined boundaries
• Protect yourself from taking in too much empathically
• Gently release charged thoughts & emotions

 • Awaken your clairvoyance for self-healing
• Release charged energy from a room
• Create a deep, foundational connection to the earth.


Reclaiming Our Energy & Awareness

It’s easy to place your attention on things outside of yourself. If you feel drained, weighed down or on edge following certain situations, you can lose your center. This class teaches you how to process & release the energies you’ve picked up & then reclaim your own life force & essence.

As you become familiar with your subtle anatomy & the energetic forces within it, you can begin to function at your optimum level. In particular, you can awaken your intuitive gifts. Experimenting with clairvoyance, you can learn how to see what goes on in your field & life, at a subtler level. From this vantage, you are in a better position to release what is not working & draw in what inspires you. In this way, you can craft the kind of life that you desire.

Our 5 senses provide us with information that we need to  move through life. Yet if we awaken our intuitive senses as well, we begin to function with a deeper level of awareness. Learning how to perceive & work with energy to actively transform our lives, we start to function in the manner that we were designed to. In essence, we become provocatively whole.

Class Components

• 15 hours of live, in-person classes

• Guided Meditations- Downloadable MP3 recordings of each meditation activity

• Handouts- Downloadable reviews of class topics, with images of the energy body

• Suggestions for setting up a home practice schedule

Class Schedule & Dates

Wednesdays, 6-8:30 p.m., from Oct. 2 - Nov. 6


Class takes place in downtown Asheville at 70 Woodfin Place, Suite 212, Asheville, NC, 28801.

Payment & Registration Information

Early Bird Special- $225 for students who register before September 22.

A $250 exchange is requested for this 6-week class.

Sliding scale rates are possible, if a student has a strong commitment to working energetically yet cannot afford the entire class's tuition.

To inquire about a class or payments or to register, please click on the "Inquire" button below.



• Breathing techniques to deepen the connection between your spirit & body

• Manifestation exercises to help you channel energy towards your own abundance

• Learn how to ground not just the body, but the aura & chakra system as well.



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