Women's Energy Healing

Deepen your acquaintance with female energy.

Learn how its flow impacts your life.


What does it mean to be a woman, on an energetic level? The female body is gifted with its own mysteries & strengths. It faces its own needs & challenges.

This class explores the energy centers that are unique to a woman- it asks how women’s energy fields process what they encounter, as a woman’s field works with energy differently than a man’s.

Learn healing techniques to soothe & enliven the female subtle body. As you provide yourself & other women with gentle, deep healings, align your female energy to your life.


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• Assess how a woman’s physical body is connecting with its subtle energetic form.
• Scan female energy centers & meridians for imbalances.
• Strengthen the energy body’s connection to the earth.
• Help energy move harmoniously between the female energy centers & the chakras, aura & physical body.

• Heal the female aura, the energy field generated by your female subtle body.
• Restore a woman's access to her original female essence.  


Creating & Releasing

Just as a woman’s body differs from a man’s, so does her energy system.

Women hold unique responsibilities & meet many demands- as the female system focuses intensely on creating, a woman’s energy body sometimes needs help learning to release. It can hold on to stagnant, charged energy that affects moods, thoughts & the body. 

Restore your sense of vitality & peace, exploring the mysteries of the female vibration. Help other women develop a deeper sense of seniority within their lives & bodies, as you transform & heal the feminine.

Class Components

• 10 hours of in-person, live classes in which we learn healing & body scanning techniques as well as how to set up a protected energy field. For at least half of each class, we practice giving healings to ourselves & others.

• Guided Meditations- Downloadable MP3 recordings of each meditative or healing activity

• Handouts- Downloadable reviews of class topics with added information on specific healing or meditative techniques

• Suggestions for setting up a home practice schedule


Payment & Registration Information

To inquire about a class or payments or to register for Athens classes online, please click on the "Inquire" button below.

A $200 exchange is requested for 5-week classes. 

Sliding scale rates are possible, if a student or client has a strong commitment to working energetically yet cannot afford an entire class tuition.



Class takes place in a beautiful space in Athens' downtown Cobbham neighborhood. Address will be given upon registration.

$200- 5 week course

Sundays, 3-5 p.m.

June 10-July 8, 2018

To register online, please click on the "Inquire" button below.



• How this kind of healing can help women following a pregnancy as well as those who experience challenges in their monthly cycle.

• Balancing the masculine & feminine energy that a woman runs.

• Establishing an energetically protected environment to perform healings in.

• Releasing energy & emotions that you pick up during a healing.




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