Energy Healing

for Animals 

Thoughts & emotions possess energy that can impact animals.

Learn how to release & transform that energy.


Depending on what an animal experiences, its subtle body may begin to hold energies that can impact it emotionally or physically. In an energy healing, we help to clear away stagnant or imbalanced energy that may be affecting an animal. 

Tension, illness & behavior issues can clear, as healing energy moves where it is needed. As we establish a more natural flow of energy through an animal’s field & body, animals can center their attention on growing & enjoying life. Their spirits can emerge, playful & wise.

Learning to share healing energy with animals helps create stronger connections between people & the natural world, while it also brings peace & vitality into the home.



The Nature of Energy Healing

Like a physical body gathering dirt, animals' subtle bodies take on foreign energy. As they process the stimuli they’re exposed to each day, intense emotions & thoughts can build up as energetic debris. This can block an animal's ability to feel its true emotions, think clearly & access its own energy.

An animal's subtle body is responsible for processing this charged energy. Yet it can sometimes be difficult to release it without help. Like the physical form, the energy body thus benefits from regular cleanings. An energy healing provides a gentle yet thorough “bath.” This allows the body to heal more quickly, the emotions to transform, & the mind to grow calm.

Learn how to:

• Establish an energetically protected environment to perform healings in.
• Ask an animal for permission to give a healing.
• Give a body scan to assess an animal's condition.
• Gently clear an animal's chakras, aura & meridians. 

• Stimulate the healing abilities of the physical body.
• Release energy & emotion that you pick up from an animal or guardian during a healing.


• Providing a healing in-person or long-distance

• Clearing energy from the space that an animal lives in or uses, i.e., a fish tank or crate.

• Ways to work with different species- where to position yourself & how to focus on different species' body types.

• Staging a healing in an emergency situation or with a feral animal. 

Class Components

• 12 hours of live in-person classes focused on healing & body scanning techniques as well as protecting one's energy field. For at least half of each class, we practice giving healings to animals.

• Guided Meditations- Downloadable MP3 recordings of each meditative or healing activity

• Handouts- Downloadable reviews of specific healing or meditative techniques with images of the energy body

• Suggestions for setting up a home practice schedule


Payment & Registration Information

A $200 exchange is requested for 6-week classes. 

Sliding scale rates are possible, if a student or client has a strong commitment to studying energy healing yet cannot afford the entire class tuition.

To inquire about a class or payments or to register, please click on the "Inquire" button below.

Class Dates & Schedule


Class takes place in a beautiful space in Athens' downtown Cobbham neighborhood. Address will be given upon registration.

$200- 6 week course

Sundays, 11-1 pm, Oct 21-Dec 2, 2018



Terms & POLICies

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