What We Can Speak Of


Consider any questions that you may have as well as any feelings that you wish to share. This helps you to present a focused set of questions & ideas. Contemplating what you would like to discuss also prepares you to engage with your animal at this level.

• "How can I help make your life better?"
• "Would you like to share any thoughts about your life?" 
• "What games do you like to play the most?"
• "Is there a job you'd like to have in the house, or do you already have a job you'd like to share?"
• "Would you welcome a new animal in our home?"

• "How does your body feel?"
• "Do you feel confused by anything that happens in our home?"
• "What foods do you prefer?"
• "Do you understand that there can be consequences if a certain behavior doesn’t change?"
• "Would you like to share your purpose in life?"


Class takes place in a beautiful space in Athens' downtown Cobbham neighborhood. Address will be given upon registration.

$200- 5 week course

Weeknight or weekend classes-

Saturdays, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. from June 9-July 7, 2018 or

Mondays, 5-7 p.m.  from June 11-July 9, 2018

To register for this class, please use the Inquire button below.


Common TOPICS:

• "I'd like to tell you about an upcoming trip or move."

• "Let's communicate about my new relationship."

• "Let's get ready for a trip to the vet!" 

• "I'm concerned about how tired you are. Can you let me know if it is time for you to move on? I want you to be comfortable."



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