Receiving an Energy Healing

Before a healing begins, you can speak of anything that you would like the healer to focus on- this can include physical concerns, emotional challenges, or a spiritual ability that you wish to develop. Throughout the healing, the healer will maintain a focus on clearing energy around that topic, while performing the steps of the specific healing itself.

At this time, you can also state whether you would like the healer to speak during the healing about what she or he is sensing, or whether you would like to hear this information afterwards.

You have the option of receiving your healing seated or lying on a massage table. The healings taught at Ancient Suns typically do not involve any touch- they are performed with the hands held 1-2 feet from the client's body, with healing energy flowing from the palm chakras.


You are welcome to speak at any time during a healing session. Some people like to share if they feel shifts in their energy, emotions or thoughts, yet they are also welcome to speak of these experiences afterwards. A variety of sensations can occur during a healing- some people feel a gentle lightening within, grow warm or cool, feel specific emotions, or see unique visions or images of people. After a healing, people often feel a sense of lightness, as though a gentle breeze is playing around them. Their spiritual energy has returned & is helping to create a sense of space within that they can identify with, rather than with their life challenges. 

In the days following a healing, your energy system will be coming into balance, as the healing energy moves where it is needed. It is good to get enough sleep, drink water & eat healthily, so your energy field is able to make a strong connection to your body, as both come into a new state of balance.


Aura & Chakra Healing 

60 MINUTES  $60

As we interact with others, our auras can take on the energy, thoughts & emotions around us. In this healing, a cleansing & balancing energy washes through the aura, while the energy body’s connection to the earth is strengthened. This helps to clear foreign energy & gives it a place to be released. The chakras are flushed out & reset with healing energy, as are the major energy meridians that run through the body.

Body Level Healing 

60 MINUTES  $60

This healing focuses on releasing toxins, illness patterns & the memory of old injuries from the physical body. The organs, glandular system, blood, etc. receive assistance clearing imbalanced energy. They then get reset at a higher level of health & comfort. With the physical body reset, illness & injury heal more quickly & a deeper sense of connection to the body occurs.

Women's Energy Healing

60 MINUTES  $70

The female energy body is gifted with its own mysteries & strengths. It also faces its own needs & challenges. This healing balances the energy centers that are unique to a woman, helping them to release foreign energy that can affect moods, thoughts & health. Helping to refresh a woman's innate essence, this healing brings her spirit into alignment with her body & life. 

Men's Energy Healing

60 MINUTES  $70 

The kinds of energy that men & women run are very different- it can be transformative to focus on grounding, healing & honoring each kind. Taking time to reset the masculine energy that a man runs, to refresh & strengthen it, helps men to align more deeply with their core selves. Balancing the male energy centers of the subtle body can deepen men’s access to the creative strengths & inner awareness that they naturally possesses.


Astral Body Healing

60 MINUTES  $80 

 The astral body is a unique part of our energy systems- it activates while you dream. Responsible for journeying through the mysterious places we explore in dreams, the astral body brings inspiration to us from the stars & dream lands. Over the course of its adventures, the astral body can take on foreign energy, leading to difficult dreams & trouble sleeping. An astral healing resets your dream & sleep-space, clearing energy that affects your ability to sleep well & move fluidly & creatively while dreaming.

Life can take on a very magical texture if you refine & strengthen the energy that you hold when dreaming. In an astral healing, the connections between the astral body, aura, chakras, & physical body are strengthened & cleansed, allowing sleep to deepen & dreams to become more vivid. With such healings, we can bring the wisdom & creativity that we open to while dreaming into our daily lives.

Women's Astral Body Healing

60 MINUTES  $80 

This healing expands upon the astral healing by focusing on how a woman's subtle body experiences the astral dream planes. Women can pass into unique sections of the astral planes, & their astral bodies hold unique abilities. By healing the female energy centers, meridians & aura at the astral level, a woman becomes increasingly able to access the divine feminine. Bringing this mystery into her daily life, she can work from a unique level of inspiration & strength, as she opens to potentials that her spirit helps to create in the astral.

Dawn- Birth & Gestation

60 MINUTES  $80

A healing that focuses on your experience of birth & gestation. Clearing energy that you were exposed to in the womb & at the time of birth, this healing helps you to reclaim the personal essence that you came in with at the time of conception. This healing can be focused on specific themes, if desired, such as clearing familial conditioning or strengthening the structure of the subtle body at this early point of its development.

Love Healing & Reading

90 MINUTES  $90

Sometimes, we carry charged energy that affects our ability to feel or have love, experience desire, or share & receive tenderness. This healing helps you to refresh the energy of love that you have been holding- it can bring in a new experience of desire & fulfillment, intimacy & trust.

This healing includes a mini-reading focused on the energy of love that you have been running in your life & body. It looks closely at the relationship between the 2nd chakra (sexuality & emotions) & the 4th chakra (love), harmonizing their action with the rest of your energetic system. Overall, it resets your energy body, so it can open to receiving more love & share deeper states of intimacy.


In-Person or Long-Distance?

The follow healings can be performed in person or long-distance. The healing energy travels to you regardless of distance, guided by the healer's intent.

If receiving a healing long-distance, it is possible to meet over Skype or Facetime while the healing is being performed. Alternately, it is beneficial to quietly meditate or lie down during the period that has been set aside for the healing. This can help you to consciously experience the flow of healing energies.


Prior to a healing, the healer will establish a protected, clear space with well-defined energetic boundaries- this way, the client & healer do not take on each other's energies or emotions while relating energetically. 

Additional Services:

Flower essence, essential oil & gemstone healing are available during a session for an added charge.


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