Preparing for an Animal’s Transition

Animals who are preparing to pass over and can benefit from communication and healing. They may wish to share their thoughts and feelings about their coming journey. They also may wish to discuss their health concerns.

As their guardians, we may want to ask if there are ways to assist them at this time. We may also hope to let them know of the deep love that we hold for them.

If you wish to request a session for an animal who is preparing to pass over, please submit any information that you wish to using the form provided below.

This is a sensitive time, so if it is difficult to fill out a form, please feel free to simply send the information that you would like to share in an email to We will respond shortly.

For animals who have already transitioned, we can reach out to assure them of how deeply loved they are. We can also tell them anything we wish that we could have shared, regarding our appreciation for what they brought into our lives.

A session for an animal who has passed over can also be focused on the animal’s guardian. Many guardians feel heartened when they have an opportunity to simply speak of their animals. To then discover how their animals feel about them and the life they shared together can prove very healing.

Beyond this, we can also share healing energy with departed animals. This can help to lighten their journeys as they move beyond this plane. A healing can focus on gently cleansing and rejuvenating the parts of an animal’s energy body that activate at the point of transition.

This way, the animal can move on with positive energetic boundaries and access to important spiritual abilities and knowledge. With their energy fields re-set, feeling supported and replenished, animals in spirit form can better orient to their new existence. Such healings also help their hearts to heal, if they regret having to leave their people and homes.

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