Health & Healing

Session Form

Please fill out & submit this form to share any information that you feel is important, prior to a communication or healing session about a health concern.

A health issue can be of a physical or emotional nature, or both, so please feel free to discuss challenges that are either physical or psychological here. Also, feel welcome to share any ideas that you have about how your animal’s emotional state may be affecting her or his physical health, & vice versa.

Please complete the form below

Please describe the illness or injury that has prompted you to seek assistance.
When did you first notice this health concern, & how long has it been going on?
Has the illness or injury intensified or is it improving? How?
Is your animal in discomfort, & if so, how does she or he let you know?
What kinds of treatments have you sought & what results did they achieve? (Treatments can include consultations with a veterinarian or holistic practitioner, dietary changes, medication, homeopathics, flower essences, massage, chiropractic or energy work.)
Please describe the emotional state of your animal, in relation to this illness or injury.
Please describe anything that changed in your home or in the animal’s daily life, prior to or since the health concern became evident. (Changes can include a move, the arrival or departure of another animal or person in the home, changes in training, or any major life changes of your own.)
Please describe your animal’s typical diet & any recent changes to it.
Have you noted that your animal is allergic to any food, medicines or chemicals?
Have any new substances recently entered your home, garden or lawn? (New cat litter, new fertilizers or weedkillers, new furniture, carpeting or paint)
A healing or communication can focus, in part, on helping to make an animal's vet visits easier. How does your animal respond to trips to the vet & other healers? If your animal finds trips to the vet challenging, would she or he benefit from assistance related to them?
What is your vision of your animal’s optimal wellness?
Is there anything you wish to share with your animal about her or his health or about visits to the vet or other healers?
Are there any questions that you have for your animal regarding her or his health?