Home Clearing

60 MINUTES $125  Two Hours $225

Session information coming about clearing the field of a home.


Business Clearing

60 Minutes $125  Two Hours $225

Information coming soon about balancing the energy of your business. 


Setting the Energy of a New Business

60 MINUTES $125

Information coming soon about establishing a vibrant energetic structure for a new business.


In-Person or Long-Distance?

Being on-site when performing a home or business clearing is relevant, yet such sessions can be skillfully performed long-distance as well. The energy travels to you, your business or home regardless of distance, guided by the facilitator's intent.

If taking part in a business or home clearing long-distance, it is helpful to meet over Skype or communicate over the phone during the session. The person facilitating the clearing can actively communicate about the energies being seen & ask for your feedback. If it is not possible for you to participate during the session, a form will be provided beforehand on which you can describe your intentions for this space clearing session.


Prior to a clearing session, the facilitator will establish a protected, clear space with well-defined energetic boundaries- this way, the client, facilitator & space will not take on each other's energies while relating. 

Additional Services:

Suggestions regarding flower essence room clearing sprays, essential oil aromatherapy & gemstone placement can be shared for an added charge.

To Schedule a Session or Request information:

Please contact us to schedule a clearing session or inquire further about them.


Cancellation Policy

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