Performance Session


Please fill out & submit this form to share any information that you feel is important, prior to a communication or healing session about your animal’s performance skills.

A performance challenge can be rooted in a physical or emotional issue, so please feel free to discuss any physical or psychological concerns that you feel may be affecting your animal’s ability to perform.

Please complete the form below

How long has your animal been competing?
At what level does your animal compete?
Briefly describe your aspirations & primary objectives in showing your animal.
Please describe your animal’s attitude towards sports or competition, both when training & competing.
Discuss any challenges that your animal may have, related to her or his training. Please consider any challenges that have arisen with past or present trainers or in the training environment.
Describe any issues that your animal has regarding competition. (For instance, you can consider whether your animal experiences performance anxiety or tension from travel, exposure to the public, or the competitive energies at shows or races.)
What kinds of efforts have you already made to help improve your animal's performance skills? What results have they achieved?
Please describe anything that has changed in the home or stable or in your animal’s daily life. These can include changes that occurred before or after you became concerned about this performance challenge. (Changes can include a move, the arrival or departure of another animal or person, changes in training, or any major life changes of your own.)
Describe any health concerns that may impact your animal’s ability to train or compete. (Please consider current & old injuries, medications & dietary concerns.)
Please discuss any emotional issues that may impact your animal’s performance.
Is there anything that you wish to share with your animal about her or his performances or competitions? For instance, you can say, "Thank you so much for sharing this time with me. I love to ride & jump with you."
Are there any questions that you have for your animal regarding performances, competitions or training? For example, you can ask: "Is there anything that I can do to help you feel comfortable & happy performing at shows?" "Is there anything that you need to tell me about your training?"