After my energy healing, I felt a kind of peace that I haven’t experienced since childhood. I’m aware of the problems that I felt overwhelmed by for months, even years, but they’re at a distance now. There’s a core of spiritual energy around me, & it’s the real me. I’m aware of the challenges I’ve been facing, but I no longer identify with them.
— Oksana Lutsyshyna, energy healing client

I had seen beautiful colors when praying for most of my life- it was a spiritual experience, but I didn’t understand what was happening. Information about the energy body from the Intuitive Meditation class helped me understand that experience. Learning to clairvoyantly work with colors, images & energy has helped me feel empowered, now that I understand how to cleanse & recharge my field.
— Samantha Whitaker, meditation student

While receiving a healing from Theresa, I felt it helped me to somehow break the shell of my personality & experience the joy of being simply a presence to myself.
— Luis Correa-Diaz, energy healing client & meditation student

Our poodles had been barking for 3 weeks, since we brought 2 Siamese kittens home. Theresa visited our home to share a communication & healing session with the animals. The next day, the loudest dog walked up to the kittens quietly, to sit with them & pet them with his paw. Being able to share his feelings about the changes in his home made all the difference. His body released the tension it was holding, too.
— Perla Umana & Max Wilder, animal communication clients

I have had different healing & reading sessions with Theresa. Her work ethic is impeccable- she is thoughtful, respectful & very thorough in establishing energetic boundary protocols. These sessions have brought a level of tenderness & a sense of peace that is new to me. I find myself lighter & more flexible with what’s presented to me, as a man. The challenges in my life remain, but there’s a subtle awareness of purpose & a sense of contentment that has been most liberating.
— Ary Malaver, meditation student & healing & reading client