The Energetic Landscape




What is an energy body?

When someone incarnates, their spirit enters into a body. The spirit takes on a specific form, called the “subtle energy body.” A person’s subtle body would be shaped like the person and a cat’s like the cat. Our energetic forms integrate in with our physical forms, connecting at points such as the chakras.

Chakras are energy centers within the body- 7 major chakras rise up the spine. Each chakra helps us develop certain skills & traits. For instance, the 1st chakra at the base of the spine helps us develop a secure foundation that we can build our lives on while the 5th chakra at the throat helps us to communicate vibrantly.

Each chakra generates a layer of the aura, which is a protective field of energy that surrounds the physical body. The aura helps to define your personal space, while its changing colors allow your spirit to express itself.

By balancing & strengthening the energy body, we help our spirits to work more deeply in our lives.

what is meditation?

There are many ways to meditate: some people sit quietly, breathing in a mindful way. Others garden, paint or walk. Meditation ultimately involves quieting the mind to let the spirit begin speaking to the body.

Letting go of intense thoughts & gently calming our emotions, we can relate to ourselves & others with more compassion & tranquility. Concentration & memory improve, while physical health resets itself. In this way, meditation allows us to feel refreshed & more prepared for our lives.




what is energy healing?

Like a physical body gathering dirt, our subtle bodies take on foreign energy. As they process the stimuli that we’re exposed to each day, intense emotions & thoughts can build up as energetic debris. This can block our ability to feel our true emotions, think clearly & access our innate power.

Our subtle bodies are responsible for processing this charged energy. Yet it can sometimes be difficult to release all of this energy without help. Like our physical bodies, the energy body thus benefits from regular cleanings. An energy healing provides a gentle yet thorough “bath,” in a sense.

As healers release energy from the aura, chakras & body, they create space for a replenishing energy to return. Like a light breeze playing around you, your spirit can begin to speak to you more easily. Your emotions can transform, your body can heal more quickly & your entire system can renew itself.