Training Programs

Information coming soon regarding yearlong training programs in clairvoyance, animal telepathy, women’s clairvoyance and the healing of the astral body.


Clairvoyance I

6-month course introducing the practice of reading clairvoyantly. Students participate in weekly clairvoyant readings and classes in which they learn how to read colors, symbols, pictures & other kinds of clairvoyant information. Coursework focuses particularly on the nature of the subtle energy body, in terms of how to protect and strengthen it, use it in daily life, and read its condition clairvoyantly. Essentially, students learn how to use their clairvoyant abilities to experience life on a deeper, more creative level. For this, we explore the links between our energetic health & our ability to use our creativity, manifest abundance & maintain our emotional, physical & spiritual balance.


Clairvoyance 2

6-month course that moves more deeply into clairvoyant reading techniques, energetic boundaries and the nature of the subtle anatomy.


Astral Healing 1

6-month course on the healing of the astral body, that part of your subtle energy body that becomes active when you dream.