Grief & Loss

Support During an Animal’s Transition

When our animals are preparing to pass over, our lives change. We want to know how they feel & what they need. We also hope they understand how deeply they are loved. A communication session can help you to connect with your animal at this time. Healings can also be given- as healing light washes through an animal’s body & energy field, physical pain can be released & a sense of security regained. Gathering their spiritual energy around themselves, our animals can cross over with strength, awareness & grace.

If your animal has already passed on, we can still gently connect in spirit. In a communication session, you can assure your animal of your love & resolve any questions or concerns. Your animal can share feelings & thoughts about your time together. Having gained a deeper understanding of your relationship, you can say goodbye with a greater sense of peace.

Beyond this, when our animals are getting ready to pass on, we may need ways to understand the different emotions that we feel. While we hope to prepare our animals for their transitions, we also need to prepare, within. Other guardians may need help following an animal’s passing, in the form of healings, grief work & the commemoration of their animal’s life.

Ultimately, at a time when we often feel separate, we can instead draw closer & deepen our connections. Cherishing our bonds, we can make this time meaningful, as we experience the sacred movement of body into spirit.


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Asking About the Journey

Some times, we are not sure how our animals feel or if they are preparing to pass on. To help them feel as comfortable as possible, it would help to know how they perceive their health. We may also want to ask what their expectations & needs are, for the coming months or years.

To communicate about their potential transitions, we can focus on a variety of topics. For instance, we can ask our animals how long they want us to remain with us, if they have a sense of when they will pass. We can ask if they wish for extended hospice care or how they want to transition. Other animals have specific wishes as to where they will be buried or have their ashes lain. Some animals hope that specific people will be with them at the time of their passing or at the ceremonies that we hold for them, to honor their time with us.

Animals have their own topics to introduce, as well. Some animals wish to discuss their health concerns. Others want to share their feelings about their families & homes. Considering the life that you shared, some like to discuss the work that you did together, as a team. Many want to give you final encouragement & advice, providing the special wisdom that they have shared over the course of your time together. If they are aware that they will soon be passing, they may also share their thoughts & feelings about their coming journey.

We can communicate sensitively about their coming transition, assuring our animals that we will give them the support that they need. Learning how to better assist them at this time, we can let them know how deeply we love & respect them.


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Healing at the Time of Transition

An animal who is preparing to pass over can find great relief from an energy healing. On a physical level, a healing can help to ease an animal’s pain while it also strengthens the body- from the cells to the organs, the blood to the nervous system, energy healings assist the body in stabilizing & refreshing itself.

Energy healings can also help to restore an animal’s spirits. Emotions can settle, anxiety lessen, & trauma subside. Animals can experience a greater sense of peace following a healing, which allows them to move forward from a calm, centered perspective. With their emotions stabilized & renewed, they can connect with you more easily, as well.

Beyond this, energy healings can help our animals to pass over more easily. Whether an animal is preparing to pass or has recently transitioned, a healing can help to make this process more smooth & grounded. A healing can focus on the parts of the energy body that activate as an animal crosses over. This helps our animals to transition with their spiritual energy & lessons from this lifetime intact. With their fields replenished & their energetic boundaries strengthened, they can navigate “the great beyond” with awareness, inspiration & strength.

By sharing healings with our animals, we support them throughout the time that they remain with us, while we also provide support for their coming transition into spirit.


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Animals in Spirit

Sometimes, we wonder how our animals are doing, once they leave us & the earthly plane. We may wish to tell them how grateful we are to have known them.

We may also wish to resolve any questions or concerns that we have been carrying about the lives that we spent together. For instance, after an animal passes, it is common for guardians to worry that they did something wrong or could have done more. By communicating with our animals in spirit, we can find out how they perceive their time with us. We can gain a sense of renewal from such conversations, letting go of our fears & doubts by focusing on the love, wonder & joy that we shared.

Other times, when we communicate with animals in spirit, they wish to share their spiritual understandings. For instance, they may discuss other lifetimes that they have led with you or speak about the Earth’s needs from a spiritual perspective. Other animals like to share their ideas about reincarnating, perhaps to be with you again.

In some cases, our animals have passed on unexpectedly, & we hope for a chance to say goodbye. A communication session can let you assure your animal of your love. You can also discover what your animal may wish to tell you. With your connection restored & your hearts comforted, you can both feel a sense of renewal as you move forward.

Beyond this, some recently deceased animals do not understand what has happened, particularly if they died unexpectedly. Gentle communication can help them start to orient to their new circumstances. Able to tell you goodbye & how much they appreciated your care, they are better prepared to move on. An energy healing can also be shared at this time- this can help to clear trauma & shock from an animal’s field, which assists them in passing over more easily. As healing energy flows through the part of the spiritual form that is active after death, the animal can be restored to a sense of strength & wholeness. Able to orient to the planes of the afterlife, they can continue their transition with a better understanding of what is happening. Knowing that you are providing them with support, they feel more comfortable saying goodbye.


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Receiving Support as a Guardian

On the Threshold

Clairvoyant readings, grief assistance & healing sessions are offered at Ancient Suns for guardians facing an animal’s passing. Anticipatory grief can be a powerful & even overwhelming experience. We do not always know how to process our feelings, as our animals move towards the time of transition. Beyond this, we may not know who to speak to about what we feel. In a personal session, you can learn more about the nature of grief & practice soothing meditation techniques. You can also receive a clairvoyant reading focused on helping you to regain your inner balance. Your animal often comes by to speak at this time, so you can also receive a calming communication about the depth & mystery of your bond.

As caregivers, we may also need time to focus on ourselves. Sometimes, we dismiss our own needs in order to provide devoted care to others. Different parts of our bodies & spirits may go into overdrive, as a result. In a clairvoyant reading, we can scan our fields & bodies to see where we may need to slow down & reset. By clairvoyantly reading the colors, symbols & pictures that appear in your energy field, you can gain a deeper understanding of what you need & how you are growing. For instance, the heart chakra can look for solace & support- it can receive gentle healing & encouragement, as it learns how to hold the different emotions that you experience.

You can also receive a replenishing, strengthening energy healing. Healings can help to soothe our emotions & ease our sense of grief or shock. By replenishing our fields & bodies, we are in a better position to care for our animals & selves. Feeling renewed, we can be more fully present, giving our lives & animals the attention they deserve.

Support as You Grieve a Loss

After our animal companions pass on, we sometimes struggle with our grief. We don’t always know how to work through the different emotions that we feel. In fact, the loss of an animal can sometimes feel more intense than the loss of a person. Carrying this loss in silence can feel overwhelming, yet we don’t always know who to share our feelings with.

At this time, it is common to feel emotions such as pain, fear, confusion, sorrow & anger. In a session, you can share your feelings & learn how to integrate them. You can identify what you need help with, in a nonjudgmental setting focused on your personal comfort & growth. For instance, we can discuss how to move through your grief with a sense of structure & creativity. You can receive support as you plan a memorial ceremony for your animal or create an altar to honor your animal’s spirit. You can also learn meditation techniques to gently soothe your spirit & heart.

By looking at your field clairvoyantly, we can identify where energy, thoughts & emotions about this experience may need attention. We can observe which chakras need help carrying your grief or see where your aura needs to be replenished, so you have a buffer from the outside world at this sensitive time. Exploring & learning from a reading, we can help feelings to integrate or release. We can also remove charged energy from the body, allowing it to relax.

An energy healing can also provide a unique level of support, as healing light helps to flush fear, anxiety & pain from your system. Creating a space for your spirit to connect in with your body, a healing can help you to recover in a gentle, undemanding way. Flower essences & gem stones can be integrated into a healing session- as they help us to carry & release our grief, we can move back into our lives with a renewed sense of hope.



Requesting a Transition Session

To set up a session focused on an animal’s transition, please submit a "Session Request Form" as well as an "Animal Transition Form." Links to these forms are provided below.

After submitting these, please email a photograph of your animal as well to: Instructions for submitting photographs are provided below.

This is a sensitive time, so if it is difficult to fill out a form, please feel free to simply send the information that you would like to share in an email to We will respond shortly.



Please fill out a "Session Request Form" to schedule your appointment, provide contact information & sign a consent to treatment.


To provide information about why you’re requesting this session, click on the link to the appropriate "Animal Transition Form" below.

On this form, you can provide information about your animal's name, history, age & species. You can also discuss your feelings & concerns about your animal’s health & emotional state. Feel welcome to share any questions that you’d like to ask your animal. Each form lets you indicate if you would like to request a healing as well.

To request a reading or healing for yourself as a guardian, please fill out the “Session Request” form above & then use the form below to provide information about your personal focus & concerns.

Again, there is no pressure to fill out any of these forms. They simply help some guardians to gather their thoughts & prepare for a session. Writing down ideas here can help to give a session (& guardian) a sense of structure. If it is easier to email at this sensitive time, please send a message regarding your interest in a transition session to


While a photo of your animal is not necessary to connect & communicate, it is useful. Seeing your animal's eyes helps a communicator to understand her or him on a deeper level. Being able to visualize your animal also helps a session to feel more grounded. The ability to picture the animal also enhances one's ability to transmit healing energy to specific areas of an animal's body or to focus in on one animal in a multi-animal household.

• Please provide a photo that is close-up enough to show your animal's eyes. If possible, a full-body photo would be a great addition to a “head shot.”
• If you would like a communication or healing session for multiple animals, please send an individual photo for each animal.
• If emailing a digital photo, please title it with your name & the animal's. For example: Kara Lucas- Scout.jpeg
• Please send photos of your animal at least 72 hours before your appointment time to:
• If you mail a physical photograph, it can be returned if you include a self-addressed stamped envelope.